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November 29, 2008
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the five by tristan-haohao the five by tristan-haohao
I love LOTR~~~~

from left: Pallando, Radagast, Saruman, Gandalf, and Alatar
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Nihalerpggirl 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! I really love this, I seen such quality art from the LOTR wizards! A shame, that Peter Jackson put Radagast in the Hobbit and represented him as a nut in the forest with muck on his head... at least he would create him like this above! This is amazing, I love how you composed it, it gives back the mood of the wizards so much! 

Pallando and Alatar that's the name of the two blue but why did Gandalf say he did not remember them?

and wasn't Radagast shorter then Gandalf?

Maybe (it's my advice)

He don't remember them, is maybe a metaphoric way to say: "i didn't say them since a so long time, i cannot remember theire faces"
Or maybe worst.... "I don't remember them" could be the way for Gandalf to say "They are falled, and disapeared, so i have lose them..."
It's just possibility.

Don't care about the size of Radagast in comparaison  of Gandalf. 1) The movie.... Is just a movie, (with Ragagast who have a bird shit on his hairs) and don't reflect all the world of Tolkien and hiscomplex mix of  magnieficience, mysteries and darkness.
The Hobbit is a movie made for the Harry potter lovers. -_- It's full of "Hollywood" codes.
2) Remmember that: when the Istari came from Arda, Gandalf was the wost humble of them.

The Tolkien work use the language of the books, not the movies language.... And certainly not the Hollywood language.
I was wondering, aside from their staffs (staves) each wizard is holding a second item in his other hand. I was wondering what the significance of the items that the blue wizard is holding?
ladyarah Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I just wanted to let you know that I put this in an art feature in my group :iconrealmsoffantasy-myth: , in the article "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Finale - Tokien's Legacy".  You can find it here: realmsoffantasy-myth.deviantar…  ^_^
konstantinpalailogos Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the way you did the Blue Wizards, and especially Radagast; more the dignified Augustinian hermit here, less the homeless man who joined PETA.
Exactly, I like his staff better in the movie though. 😄
Nerdy-Viking Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Some of the encyclopedias of middle earth hinted at other wizards who were lost to the ages, I believe there was a red and green but their names escape me (Dammit Gandalf! :3)
Ziggyman May 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
Wait that's not Saruman.... It's Christopher Lee!! It's an actor!!
This is incredible!
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